It’s January again – the best time for skiing and practicing winter sports. If you are not informed about different brands, which offer skis and ski equipment, this article will be very useful. Here you will find information about three of the most famous brands – Salomon, Rossignol and Atomic – so you can make the best choice for yourself and spend some great time in the mountain.

Salomon011-401x379We start with Salomon a French brand, which has traditions and loyal clients for over 60 years. Salomon offers freeskis, all-mountain skis and race & on-piste skis. Q line is a freeski model, which is appropriate for every condition that you can imagine. With them you can get the best performance, no matter the ski terrain. They will make you feel stable and confident everywhere on the mountain. Rocker2 is kind of ski which is designed for skiers, who are looking for soft conditions. If you choose them you will feel like you are floating; the added stability, when you are landing, will give you confidence and security. If you are more adventurous type of person, Park & Pipe skis will give you the opportunity to make tricks and have lots of fun. With them you will be able to improve your skills while you are skiing the whole mountain. Salomon offers also different kinds of all-mountain skis. BBRs are appropriate for soft conditions or mixed terrain. The features of that kind of skis is making them consistent and stable no matter if you are carving on-piste or out of them. All mountain frontside skis are for people who love making accurate turns on well-trodden snow or groomed snow and sometimes on mixed-type terrain. This kind of ski is very powerful and is suitable for people who love to go fast. The last category that Salomon offers is race & on-piste skis. They are not recommended for beginners and amateurs.  S-lab kind of ski is a perfect choice if you carve with precision. They are limited edition and are appropriate for top skiers and professionals.  X-race is one great combination between stability and power. If you have the experience you will be able to control them easily and in the same time to carve with maximum force and pressure.  The last option that we will present you from the Salomon brand is the 24 hours skis. You can have and use them if you are planning to stay in the mountain the whole day. They are very maneuverable and versatile. These skis will make you find your own moves and carving style.

rossignol-2014-3482x271Another brand that you can choose to take your equipment from is Rossignol. They offer a large variety of skis for everyone – from beginners to professionals – and for every condition that you can imagine. If you are an admirer of the skiing on piste the Pursuit type is the right choice for you. Carving on piste is giving you endless opportunities and emotions to feel. Pursuit skis are a great combination between speed, precision and freedom – with them you will be able to do everything you want – every turn, every slalom. Rossignol is also very close to offer your clients absolutely professional and suitable for competitions skis. Radicals have already been tested and shown incredible results on snow. They are appropriate for skiers with more experience, who know how to get the best of them – a unique mixture between power, stability and perfect grip. If you choose that brand you have the chance to buy all-in-one skis – suitable for every part of the mountain, for every terrain. They will give you comfort and accessibility and besides that you can ski on all kinds of snow.          7-Series is another ski type, which is made for all freeride admirers. Choosing it means that you choose freedom, opportunities and a large variety of emotions. That kind of ski is very light, which makes it very maneuverable and easy to control. If you are more adventurous type of person and you have lots of different ideas to show your ski experience, Rossignol has more for you. Inspired by freestyles and Board Culture artists, S-series ski type will give you the chance to have fun and to improve your skills in the freestyle.

Atomic-panic-rival-theory-alibi-Ritual-450x338The third brand, which we will present you here, is Atomic. People behind the brand claim that if you find the right ski for you that will make you a better skier. So here you can read all about the different ski types – we are sure that among them is the most appropriate for you. The all mountain skis are presented by the Nomad series. You can choose them no matter your skills and experience, no matter if you will use them on piste or on soft snow. The Vantage series also represents the all mountain skis. These series are improved; the new technology gives you smooth and soft skiing, stability and perfect grip. The new Atomic’s piste collection is more dynamic and more precision than the previous one. Those kinds of ski will give you the chance to make lots of turns with less effort. If you are not a professional skier, but you love having fun and demonstrate your abilities, the off-piste collection will give you the chance to do all of that. All kinds of ski in the collection are very light, which make your skiing feels like you are floating, all turns and jumps are easier to be done. Park & Pipe skis are made for all people who have the courage to make something a little wilder in the mountain. No matter if you will take part in a competition or you make tricks and jumps for your own pleasure, these models will provide you safely landing and extreme skiing. The BC touring collection is created for those who want to have memorable ski experiences. If you want to practice your favorite winter sport, to feel free and to have a carefree touring, choose ski from this collection. Because of their light structure they will save you a lot of energy, so you can spend more great time in the mountain. Atomic offers also different kinds of ski for races. Buying equipment from that brand means that you have made the first step to the win. All the skis from the collection are ultra-precision and stable. They are all limited, so if you have spotted any of them, don’t hesitate, but buy it now and own one real treasure from the world of winter sports.

As you see there are plenty of different models for everyone. If you want to spend some great time this winter, buy the most appropriate equipment for yourself, starting with the ski, so you can feel comfortable and create great memories.


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