Choose a proper ski equipment and enjoy… your holiday!

Making a decision about which ski or snowboard equipment to buy is not always an easy task. On the market there are lots of brands, which are offering analogical products. Here are some advices, which will facilitate that important choice.

mountains-skiing-it-is-wonderful-493x308 At first it is very important to choose the best material – it must stop the aggressive external environment – rain, wind and snow. The equipment must also transport the excess moisture from the body when the temperatures are higher. Another main factor is the conditions, in which the equipment will be used. Ski and snowboard are sports, which can be practiced both in the park and in the Alps. You see that the climate in the Alps is much harsher, so if you practice winter sports there you will need to choose your ski clothing very cautiously.  The activity grade is another factor to think about. If you are a beginner, the energy that you expend is less than one professional skier expends. The level of protection that one top skier needs is higher than the same one for an amateur.  Finding the most accurate combination between active sport and unfavorable climate is very important task. When you come into the store, use the help that the shop assistants will offer you. Answer precisely to the questions so you can get the perfect equipment for you. Maybe the best option is the combination between different layers – a base one, a middle one and a top one – so you can get the best protection and comfort at lowest price. Clothing that you wear under the jacket is called middle layer. It mustn’t be heavy and mustn’t stop the moisture transportation, but to keep your body warm. When both your activity and temperatures are low you need equipment which will save the warmth and reduce the exhalation. When the activity is higher and the weather is cold the transport of the moisture to the top layer needs to be faster. The base layer is the one that will be next to your skin. Its main function is to keep your skin dry and prevent you from getting a cold. The top layer role is to be waterproof. As you see we can’t say which layer is the most important – the combination between all of them will give you the best protection in the mountain. The most inappropriate decision is to ski with a blouse made of cotton – that material absorbs the moisture and when you stop moving your body can freeze which can cause injuries.

serv_hireOne of the best decisions that you can make is to buy thermal underwear. It is made of high-quality materials and has several zones which have different functions. The human body is composed of various organs which need different level of warmth. The underwear provides the necessary amount of heat for every part of the body. Maybe you have never thought that the equipment style is also very important. For those who prefer traditional ski the long jacket is the perfect choice. For the faster among you shorter jackets are recommended. For snowboarders and free skiers the most appropriate jacket is a bigger one. With it you will have more freedom when you are moving and making tricks. Remember that larger jacket must be combined also with larger helmet, boots and pants. The price is also very important when you choose your ski clothing. Every brand defines the price according to the market and the clients. You can compare the price with the quality and the comfort that the equipment will give you. If you will practice sports in the park you can buy equipment for less than 200 pounds. But if you practice ski or snowboard on a higher level you need to choose your clothing more carefully and that will cost you between 500 and 1000 pounds. When you have decided which are the perfect parameters for you the next step is to choose equipment which will catch the eyes of the other skiers. We all love looking well and impressing the others and that can happen with your ski clothing too.

Practicing different sports in the winter is for sure one great entertainment. You can have one different winter vacation in the mountain and it is not too late to do it now. But when you decide to spend your time like that, you should know that the mountain is a place, where you must go prepared for the condition. Choose the best equipment for you and be sure that the snow or wind will not ruin your holiday.


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