How to choose your next travel destination

Choosing your next travel destination sometimes is not an easy task. We are overwhelmed with all the information and ideas internet and friends give us all the time. That’s why this process may be stressful for us. Here’s how you can make choosing your next travel destination easer. You just have to answer these simple questions and find out for yourself where you want to go next.

Relax or Sightseeing?

Some people enjoy meeting new cultures, visiting famous or infamous sights, learning about a destination’s past. If you enjoy sightseeing and dynamic holiday places like Italy, France, Spain may offer you exactly what you need.

Other people love to just relax and enjoy doing nothing but feeling the moment. For those maybe Cyprus can be a good idea, feeling the beauty of spending some time on a Lonely Island , taking a summer holiday to incredible Crete enjoying Spanish beaches, having a maximum pleasure for body and spirit in Menorca or other stunning islands for all seasons.

spain-balearic-islandsImage: Balearic Islands, Spain

Exotic or Traditional?

To better decide where you want to go for your next holiday, you have to choose if you want it to be an exotic or a traditional one. For the exotic lovers Cuba  can be one of the most exciting travel destinations. Havana is a place where you will feel untamed vitality and passion.

Or Mexico – it doesn’t matter if your passion is drinking cocktails or surfing – Mexico is your place where you can also see the ancient Mayan ruins. For more traditional holiday you can choose Italy, Spain or Greece.

mexico-mayan-pyramid Mayan Pyramid, Mexico 

History or modern?

Some people are pretty eager to know the world’s history but others just love to enjoy a modern touch and luxury. For history lovers visiting the oldest places in Europe can be the most rewarding holiday. Such place is Plovdiv in Bulgaria which is one of the oldest inhabited cities on Earth. If you are curious about its history, Plovdiv should be your next holiday destination.

For modern tourists places like Dubai – the 8th wonder of the world,  can be of more interest. There you can see impressive skyscrapers, the fastest cars in the world, the biggest shopping centers and the most modern architectural and design achievements.

dubai Burj Al Arab, Dubai

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