• For the love of Plovdiv

    For the love of Plovdiv

    A  B R I E F  G U I D E  O F  T H E  C I T Y   This year Plovdiv is all the rage. And for good reason since it is the first Bulgarian city to become European Capital of Culture! That means myriads of cultural activities and entertainments throughout the year waiting to be discovered. Read More

  • Europe’s most vivid carnivals

    Europe’s most vivid carnivals

    Carnivals are celebrated throughout the whole world. Centuries ago, the followers of the Catholic religion in Italy started these celebrations by holding a wild costume festival right before the first day of Lent. As they are not supposed to eat meat during the 40 days of Lent, they called their festival, carnevale, which possibly comes from the Latin words carne Read More

  • 10 exciting food festivals to visit next year

    10 exciting food festivals to visit next year

    Festivals and events are an important motivator of tourism across the world. They have come a long way in the past years into becoming huge events, attracting thousands and millions of visitors. No matter if it’s a music festival or a food one, these events attract all kinds of tourists who make an exciting experience out of it. We found Read More

  • How to remain a princess on the road

    How to remain a princess on the road

    When we go traveling, we can’t afford to bring our whole wardrobe or clean out the whole shelf in front of our mirror. We can, however use a little bit of our imagination and put a little logic into our packing. Heels It is a good idea to devote a little time to the clothes we are taking with us. Read More

  • 6 Unique Travel Experiences to Have in a Lifetime

    6 Unique Travel Experiences to Have in a Lifetime

    Vacation is all about traveling – as far as you can, in order to see as many things as you can. And traveling is all about experiences. The memories you bring are the truly significant souvenirs you carry back home. Feelings you have gone through are the best gifts you can have! Experiences – these are the things that are Read More

  • Travel Like a Movie Star: Top Travel Destinations From Movies

    In 21st century there`s one mutual dream most people have – to be super stars! Show business has changed and influenced our lives so badly recently that it becomes a classical case for someone to try leaving in his or her favorite movie star`s shoes. This is a case, when people even try to visit the same place, to spend Read More

  • Turn On the Radio: The Best Travel Songs for Your Next Road Trip

    Turn On the Radio: The Best Travel Songs for Your Next Road Trip

    Good company, reliable vehicle, some snacks and beer (if you are not the driver), a map or your dream to travel without a direction… What else do you need for a nice road trip? Oh, of course – some good music to suit your mood! Today, we are making for the best music playlist ever – for your next road Read More

  • Top 50 Funniest Travel Quotes Ever

    Top 50 Funniest Travel Quotes Ever

    One should never take itself too serious. And travelling is a way to broaden your horizons. That’s why we are more than sure that you will enjoy these funny, but still as inspiring, travel quotes we collected for you! Enjoy the top 50 funniest travel quotes but somehow still inspiring: 1. “The worst thing about being a tourist is having Read More

  • 5 Of The Best National Parks Worth Visiting

    These 5 national parks will offer you unmatched natural beauty not found anywhere else in the world. It is easy to understand why they  receive a high number of visitors each and every year. There is so much talk about how the earth is being depleted or degraded, what about talking of how amazingly beautiful our planet is today? If you Read More

  • Amazing Foods from Spain to Try Right Now

    Amazing Foods from Spain to Try Right Now

    Spain is one of the most fascinating countries to visit in Europe. Here, you can enrich your cultural knowledge and to improve your skills in doing nothing, being happy with it, while relaxing under the sunlight and among the local cheerful and kind people. But it`s not about the fantastic climate and the splendid landmarks, Spain is also quite generous Read More


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