• The green island Thassos

    The green island Thassos

    Called the Green Island, Thassos is a real slice of paradise – with olive groves, pines, cypress trees and evergreen shrubs. On the island itself there are several settlements with holiday houses and beautiful sea views. Whichever you choose, you won’t make a mistake. Distances are small, nature is beautiful, so you can indulge in leisurely walks without purpose and Read More

  • 5 places in Croatia every nature lover should visit

    5 places in Croatia every nature lover should visit

    If you are one of those people for whom a perfect day consists of a hike in the morning, diving at noon and finding secret beaches in the afternoon and are always trying to spend as much time in nature as possible, then a trip to Croatia is sure to satisfy your adventure-seeking soul. Here are the places you just Read More

  • 5 Destinations to Visit in October for your Holiday

    Do you have some free time this October or want to plan a vacation but worry about the weather? We want to present you our suggestions for 5 destinations with good weather, beautiful sightseeing and nature, cool places to visit, old buildings to explore and without large crowds of tourists. We made sure that they all are from different parts Read More

  • Where the Famous People Go on Vacation

    Where the Famous People Go on Vacation

    Celebrities are those idols we have in life who we really love to imitate in our lifestyle and even in our selection of a spot to go on a vacation. Even though we may not have such plans, it is really interesting and curious to find out where these people go to relax and have fun, right? These places represent Read More

  • The Beauty of Spending Some Time on A Lonely Island

    The Beauty of Spending Some Time on A Lonely Island

    “Edward howled at leaving the ship: he wanted Captain Jones to take him back to Tristan, but I think we both thanked God from our Hearts during the short service the Archdeacon held, for all His Fatherly Kindness and tender care since 1921, when we first offered to go to “The Lonely Island” “ “Lonely Island” by Rose Annie Rogers Read More

  • Some ideas about the perfect romantic weekend on a lonely island

    Some ideas about the perfect romantic weekend on a lonely island

    What involves the perfect romantic weekend? Which things bring the magic between two lovers and fire the love flame in their eyes? And the place… maybe the place itself is a necessary condition for a perfect rendezvous. If you have chosen a lonely Island for your date, then you should definitely check this article. First and very important step is:  Read More

  • Summer holiday to incredible Crete

    Summer holiday to incredible Crete

    Holiday in Crete Crete is a top destination in Greece and one of the most gorgeous islands in the world. But Crete also keeps the heritage of one of the most powerful and ancient civilizations – the Minoan. That magnificent place will take you to a journey through the centuries. Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea, covered Read More

  • visit Sicily and experience a magical vacation

    visit Sicily and experience a magical vacation

    Sicilian Holiday Affair Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean! He washes the shores in three seas: the Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Mediterranean. Known for his connections with the Mafia island is an extraordinary place full of history, culture and engaging experiences for tourists. There are three main reasons that will get you in Sicily, including good weather, beautiful landscapes Read More

  • Holiday in Menorca – a maximum pleasure for body and spirit

    Holiday in Menorca – a maximum pleasure for body and spirit

    Incredible holiday moments just for you! Menorca is situated at distance of 200 km from Barcelona in the west part of the Mediterranean Sea. That island is wonderful choice for those who are looking for quietness and peace. Although that destination is not so far away from Mallorca, it is isolated from the enormous stream of tourists. Even in the Read More

  • Holiday in Barbados – feel the exotic!

    Holiday in Barbados – feel the exotic!

    Your dream holiday in barbados can start now… Barbados is one of the most favorite islands for relax for the richest and most famous celebrities, but Barbados is also desired destination for those, who love exotic atmosphere. And the reason is that the island can make your dream trip a reality. Maybe most of you associate Barbados with the golden Read More


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