Christmas presents for travellers

Choosing a present for a dear and close person is never about choosing something expensive, classy or modern. The right selection for a gift – whether for a birthday, or for the upcoming Christmas holidays – should be in correspondence to the person`s interest, tastes and mainly to his nature!

This is how you can successfully touch the person you want to make really happy. Your present will show two things – you don`t only care for the person, but you also know him quite well to be so original with your gift.

And since Christmas is just around the corner and we love travelers so much – as people and great inspiration in life – we are about to offer you some ideas for the best Christmas presents for travelers. Here they are:

1. Compass with golden coverage

Christmass presents for travellers

Such a symbolic present will make any traveler melt. And if it comes with something in Christmas-style you get the best idea for winter present ever. Even though such Christmas presents for travelers – with gold or other precious material – are expensive, the smile you will see  in front of you will be worth it every single penny.

2. Camera

Christmass presents for travellers

Cool camera with many pixels and great perspective for shooting details and tiny things your beloved explorer will see on his next journey. This is another type of Christmas presents for travelers with costly price, but who cares? It`s Christmas after all and we have a mission to make people happy, right?

3. First aid-kit for winter

Christmas presents for travellers

Christams-styled first aid kit with winter equipment for injuries and ski adventures. If you wrap the kit with a Santa Claus scarf, you will get the best gift ever, too! Make sure the present comes with a Christmas card, where you can write something like “For your next adventure! Make sure you use the scarf only! Merry Christmas and Happy New Traveling!”.

4. Cool folding tent/chair/lounge

Christmass presents for travellers

Folding lounge that can become a chair and even a small house with a roof can be found in some extreme sport stores. These things are quite cool Christmas presents for travelers, who in most cases prefer sunny destinations!

5. Multifunctional backpack

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This might be another brilliant idea. Make sure the backpack isn`t another boring school-like sack, but a real traveling piece, where your friend can accommodate all his stuff like he`s a real turtle! Or try to put all of your wife`s shoes (at least those for the winter season…) and if they get there, the backpack is ok!

6. Humorous gifts

Christmas presents for travellers

Ironic Christmas presents for travelers might be also original – like guides for dummies like “How to survive in the woods for 2 days” or a map of the country your traveler guy did not enjoy or had a really bad trip…Make sure, though, the gift will go to a person with a good sense of humor! Otherwise, don`t expect awesome things on your next birthday party…

Are you ready for some Christmas shopping now?

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