“Edward howled at leaving the ship: he wanted Captain
Jones to take him back to Tristan, but I think we both thanked God from our
Hearts during the short service the Archdeacon held, for all His Fatherly
Kindness and tender care since 1921, when we first offered to go to “The Lonely Island”
“Lonely Island” by Rose Annie Rogers

If you’re on a desert island, then he is no longer lonely! Those of you, who are not so brave, bold and decisive, still, can understand the magic on a desert island by reading books or watching movies.
Yes, of course, this way it would not be experiencing the same power of experiences, and would not be as real, but these trips are not for everyone. Before you try such a trip you should be well acquainted with the conditions and dangers that hide behind the beauty and charm of the islands.

The early history of the most part of the island has its romance of pirates and buried Treasure. All these legends intertwined with real stories, fascinate and make us dream. Maybe for those reasons, the lonely island is so often used as a theme in art and modern media products.
The very fact that it is a place reached by mass civilization and modern technology, and that the island is its prototype and authenticity, makes many people want it.

Behind the idea of wide, pristine, clean sandy beaches, clear blue sea and coconut palms, in fact is hiding something as basic human and primitive. It makes us go back to our rough prototype before being processed by the civilization. Despite the dangers, which hiding the lonely island, the thought of it makes us feel safe on a subconscious level, because it means to us, that, Mother Nature has left one corner of land that is our shelter and we could be its rulers.

But for those for whom the idea and thought are insufficient and have taken a real travel and meetings with island life and the wild nature, there is something that makes them come back again and again or remain there forever.
Many of you probably would not have attempted such a trip, knowing all the dangers and risks, and actual danger to life could not compensate for any beauty and experience. For that little part of those who have dared, the islands have become a part of their life or more precisely… their life.

In a real survey this year, people are asked “how long could you live on a lonely island and the most common answer are” forever”. Whether, despite the fact that man is a social animal, stressful, aggressive life drives us to want uninhabited untouched by human nature, beautiful places? Or there really is something magical and fascinating in the lonely islands, which makes people want them?

Sure, today’s stressful civilization is just as dangerous and frightening as unknown islands for one part of the citizens, so it is maybe problematic to say who the bigger daredevil is. Choose your dream island at an incredible price.


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