barcelona_places-336x187Catalans do not just love Barcelona, they are really proud of it. And there are good reasons for that. Once visiting this beautiful city, there is no way not to be filled with admiration and great impressions. Not just sightseeing, but truly unique creations of the human mind and talent make you dumb.

The cathedral La Sagrada Familia can really blow you away – traveling to it, suddenly in front of you stands a huge beautiful building with unusual and majestic forms. It just can not be covered with a glance, each side of the cathedral has its own unique idea and each element impresses with its individual character.

Barcelona_La_Pedrera-329x192 One picture in any case is not enough, you have to take photos of each of the three scenes of the cathedral facades – “Nativity”, “The Passion of the Christ” and “The Glory of God”. The architect of this magnificent building is one of the largest prides of Catalonia – Antonio Gaudi. Ones of the most remarkable houses – masterworks of this architect, “La Pedrera ” and “Batlló” remain in the minds of anyone who has glimpsed them and can not be forgotten. The tour of the Park Guell, work of Gaudí, will make you feel like in a fairy tale and will surely touch your heart.

barcelo-342x227The walk along the beautiful main street of Barcelona, La Rambla, will fascinate you and bring you to the statue of Columbus and the port, where the Aquarium of Barcelona will impress you with its water tunnels.

barcelona-380x204Another special place in Barcelona is the Spanish Village, located on Montjuic Mountain, representing a true open-air museum where you can see the various Spanish regions and architectural styles.
One of the greatest charms of Barcelona are the Magic Fountains which in the moonlight will perform for you the most unique show of water, colors, music and light.
And you have to know that in this wonderful city there are also hours when the streets are really empty, of course this is when the football team of Barcelona plays – the inhabitants of the city are true fans and do not miss a game of their favorite club.


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