Amsterdam is the biggest and the most important city in Netherlands. Today it makes impression with its sightseeing, dynamic way of life and great liberality. The whole city is built on water.

Historic Amsterdam touringboat

With its 160 canals and more than 1200 bridges Amsterdam is called “The North Venice”. Most of the streets are brief and narrow, but the canals are much wider and they have turned into a winning tourist attraction. This is one of the reasons why local people mostly use boats and trams. However the most preferred way for transportation is by bike. While you are walking across the city you will notice houseboats, which are very popular in the Netherlands’ capital. They are transformed into homes, provided with electricity, water and gas. Amsterdam is a wonderful place for walking. You can delight in the great architecture, street musicians and tulip’s sellers.

Sex_409x273Amsterdam is famous for its liberality to some forbidden things. There you can visit The Hash, Marihuana and Hemp Museum and also go to the Red Light District. The truth is that there is much more to be seen. On the Museumplein or Museum Square in English there is the Van Gogh’s museum, where some of his greatest paintings are exposed. The Anne Frank House is another interesting place to visit. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know the story of the young Jewish girl. Her diary was found after her death. Hermitage Amsterdam is a branch of the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg. He is situated on the Amstel River. Madame Tussaud’s wax museum has his branch in the Netherlands’ capital. There you can try your football skills with Ronaldinho and take a photo with Brad Pitt. In the evenings don’t miss to visit a typical Holland pub, where you can hear traditional Holland music.

Everyone who has visited Amsterdam thinks that he knows everything about the city and when he comes back again founds something new and unsuspected. Go there and understand why “The North Venice” attracts tourist from the whole world.

From London to Amsterdam for a short city break

How to get to Amsterdam from London

First, searching for flights, but you should know that flights from Gatwick are easiest and cheapest way to get there. There is a few options for transport to the airport:

1. By train, the prices starts from 16 GBP per person ( from Victoria station London )

2. By train with Gatwick express it’s a slightly more than normal train: price from 20 GBP pp

( from Victoria station London )

3. By bus ( not recommended ) you always can stuck in traffic ( from Victoria station London )

4. By own car – price at the airport parking starts from 11 GBP per day, the problem with the traffic is the same.

5. By Taxi, also comfortable like with own car, but again think about the traffic

Choose this, that best suits your needs, but don’t miss your flight!

From Schiphol airport ( Amsterdam international airport ) you can easy go to Amsterdam by train, ticket cost 8 Euro one way.

How to spend your time in Amsterdam

There’s so many ways to see this remarkable city!

Canal cruising-hellomyholiday

Many companies offers sightseeing tours and you have choice from Tourist Buses, Hop On-Hop Off city tour by boat, Hop On-Hop Off by bus and boat there is option for 24 or 48 hours, Canal Cruise, Amsterdam Harbor Cruise, and also Bike Tour with option for Bike Rent.

Designed for tourist these sightseeing tours will give you everything from the old and new part of Amsterdam: All canals, canal houses, towers, bridges and of course the RoyalPalace and Dam square.

Traveling comfortable and in luxury you will get to know Amsterdam very well.


If you choose walking tour is better to start with Coffeeshop tour-Cannabis, marijuana, weed – whatever you want to call it, its one fascinating plant! This is two hour tour and will uncover the secrets of Cannabis and sub-culture exists only in Amsterdam’s famous Coffeeshops!

Visit also: Ice Bar Amsterdam, Pub Crawl, Red Light District, Casa Rosso Erotic Theatre and …whatever you want! This is Amsterdam!



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