Spain is one of the most fascinating countries to visit in Europe. Here, you can enrich your cultural knowledge and to improve your skills in doing nothing, being happy with it, while relaxing under the sunlight and among the local cheerful and kind people.

But it`s not about the fantastic climate and the splendid landmarks, Spain is also quite generous in awesome meals and dishes. The national cuisine is known as one of the tastiest ever. Speaking of which, if you are about to visit the country or want to cook something different at home, check out these amazing foods from Spain to try right now:

1. Tapas

What is typical about tapas is they are neither appetizers, nor food products, but mini meals that local people (as well as tourists) eat all they long, on the go and anywhere. Tapas look like mini sandwiches and their large abundance is extended to seafood garnish, different combos of meals, cheese and veggies. Know that some bars even offer tapas for free in case you order many cocktails with your friends or they are simply served on the tables you are sitting to drink at.

Spain tapas

2. Tortilla

Many people cook this traditional meal at home, too, but please, be aware that no matter how easy its preparation is, a real, original Spanish tortilla is worth to be tasted here, on its homeland. This is the best meal you can eat both – at lunch and in the evenings. Besides, tortilla is delicious and it is fantastic for a sudden hunger on the street, while you are yet sightseeing.

3. Gaspacho

Soup lovers should try it by all means! It is made of tomatoes and spicy adds-on you will just adore. Gaspacho is a very light and healthy meal and mainly, women order it, if they do not want to turn their Spanish vacation into a weight-loss failure.


5. Crema Catalana

Ok, some people might claim this meal is nothing else, but French chreme brule, but who cares? This dessert is just lovely! It is the best way to sweeten your romantic walk among the beautiful Barcelona`s streets with your better half. Try it. Later, you can try the French type, too!

4. Paella

Originally, this rice meal comes from Valencia, so if you have the chance, order it there. Still, any Paella made in Spain will inspire you for even more tasty adventures here, because it gathers both – the traditional Mediterranean cuisine and the Latino chilly dishes.


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