Let’s start with a question: why is the equipment so important? When we ride a snowboard skills are leading, but the equipment defines how to show them. The well-chosen equipment guarantees safety and the ability to show everything we’ve learned.

Remember, riding a snowboard is not a survival on the track, but a pleasure. The equipment doesn’t have to be expensive, but you should know what you want from it and use it effectively. In this article you will read 8 valuable tips on how to choose the most suitable snowboard equipment for you



What are your eight tips on equipment you’re going to give everyone riding a board?

  1. We start with the board:

First rule – the board is not chosen by a picture! It is chosen by height, weight, hardness, shape and purpose. When you buy a board, you must do it according to your skills! Before you make your choice, think about what your chosen board can give you and what skills you will develop using it.

close-up-ski-boots-white-snowboard_8353-1065     2.Choosing snowboard bindings:

It is important to specify the exact size of the bindings. For this purpose, when choosing them, you should carry your snowboard boots with you to test whether they fit, because there is a difference in the width of the different models of bindings.


It is also important the hardness, which depends on what material the bindings are made of. They can be softer or harder, as a structure, here we need to know what we are looking for, because it is strictly individual and you can always make a combination of softer boots with a harder construction of the bindings, and vice versa.

3.Snowboard boots:

When you try out boots, first tighten them well (not too much), then fold the knee and at that point your leg will take the shape of the boot, and after the pressure you need to feel how your toes have slight freedom and do not touch the bowler. This is a clear proof that the boots are the right size.


Always after riding the inner sock should be taken out, so that it can be dried. Never place it on direct heat sources such as stoves, radiators, etc. keep them at least 30cm away to avoid deformation of the shape of the sock. Take care of your shoes to lengthen their life.

4.Jacket and trousers:

Currently, there are many types of membranes and various materials, incorporating rapidly evolving new technologies on the market. The main thing about the jacket and the trousers is to be strong, light and comfortable, so they should not limit your movements and give you complete freedom of riding. Good ventilation is important.




There are various types of gloves, according to the shape, thickness and purpose. The most important thing is that the glove should comfortable and bring you the necessary level of warmth.





6. Protection:
It has been proved that in most of the incidents, protection reduces the risk and prevents serious injuries!

The shape of the head is absolutely individual for every person, whether the number corresponds to the diameter of your head. That is why you must try the helmet when you buy it! It is desirable that the helmet covers the forehead and the nape, the choice should be relied on comfort too, as well as good ventilation and lightness.
Hint: It’s good to wear your mask with you to check if it fits the selected helmet.


The choice should be made according to the form, the most important thing is to keep the entire spine in length, reaching the end of the tail, without interfering with your movement when riding.

Knee Pads:
I strongly recommend every beginner to use knee pads so that will prevent bruises on the knees and painful dissonances after riding.

The most suitable are the textile knee pads, and when choosing them it is important to take the right size for you, so that they do not stop your blood circulation, but also do not get lost during active movement.


7. Snowboard goggles and mask:

The snowboard mask is of exceptional importance, it is your window to your surroundings, and the visibility while riding should be a top priority.

Remember that in a fall it is the first barrier that protects your eyes and takes a hit.

The choice of plaque depends on the weather conditions, if the weather is sunny the plaque should be mirrored or darkened so that it reflects the sun’s rays, so you cannot be blinded while riding.

In bad weather, fog and snowfall, the plaque should be as transparent as possible in order to have a good vision.


8.Before riding:

  • Prepare your board for the upcoming ride as well as put on a suitable wax.
  • It is important to check the weather forecast and to inquire about the terrain you will be riding on.
  • Charge your phone and get a spare battery.
  • Carry a screwdriver, a cycler and a candle with you.
  • Never walk alone when you plan to ride in free conditions. There are not one or two cases in which people have done that and the end was fatal.
  • More important than taking your GoPro to take stunning photos is to think about avalanche equipment that can save you in unforeseen situations.

Know that riding a snowboard is a serious sport, it can be fun and adventure, but it’s all up to you!

Always respect the mountain and help the people around you! Follow the traffic rules on the slopes and know that the conditions in the mountains can change quickly! For five minutes of pleasure, you cannot risk your whole life, it is priceless, keep it!