7 tips for spending the perfect New Year Eve abroad

New Year`s Eve is quite soon and near, so you might be one of those millions of exciting people, who are already planning the best experience for the party night ever. Of course, suggestions and ideas are numerous, but the point is to start the New Year with something new, probably in a completely new environment.

Even without being so superstitious, we also believe that a change for your ordinary New Year`s celebration will bring changes for the next year. Why not? And why not considering spending it abroad? It could be so exciting, unforgettable and splendid, don’t you think?

In case you are up to some New Year`s celebration abroad, then you definitely need to know some tricks and ideas in advance. Here are the 7 tips for spending the perfect New Year Eve abroad:

1. Get your flight ticket as early as possible

It would be cheap and you`ll yet have the chance to choose your seats. You don`t want to spend the whole holiday crashed between big mamas, do you? Though, another idea is to get the ticket last minute, where the discount might be enormous, but the risk not to fly to anywhere, though, is big, too.

2. Choose destination that everybody likes

If you are planning to travel with your whole family or with group of friends, be smart and choose a destination that everybody likes. If someone is upset, grumpy or not satisfied, trust us, you will get the bad mood, as well.

3. Set a tight budget in advance

When reading one very popular blogger`s checklist of tips for spending New Year abroad, we have also come upon a good one, too – have a budget to fit in advance. This is a very cool piece of advice, because let`s admit it, during a holiday, people get quite generous and being abroad on the very New Year`s Eve might put you in a risk to left with no money to go back home…

4. Don’t take too much luggage

Get your smile, a luxurious dress for the big party and something in sports style to go sightseeing. This New Year is not about showing your wardrobe, but about the unique feeling.

5. Avoid exotic food

And especially if you have a weak stomach. It`s ok to try and taste new things, but have mercy on your body. It will be exhausted enough by the flight, so some chilly or seaside food meal might ruin you right in the middle of the whole celebration.

6. Spend it with nice company

Here’s one of the best tips you can get from us about spending New Year Eve abroad – go with people you love and trust. Everything happens and your Barbie-like best friend might get you in a bad situation in the foreign country. Skip this and only be with people whose company you genuinely enjoy.

7. Enjoy the moment

And the last one from our list of tips for spending New Year abroad is to enjoy the moment! Don`t waste your time in little things like “How`s my hair?” or “OMG! Why am I so stupid to forget my anti-age serum!”. You are here for the first and the last time. Enjoy the moment! Enjoy the New Year`s Eve!

Where are you going to welcome the New 2016?

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