Have no more free time or alternatives for days-off during July? This year`s summer vacation is shortened for you due to professional or personal obligations? Don`t worry – there is a great alternative for you to have a great time and still, spend only two days away.

How about Europe? It has a lot to offer and a weekend is completely enough for some of the most famous and beloved European towns. Here are the top 7 cities in Europe, perfect for a weekend Getaway in July to take under consideration:

  1. Positano in Italy

Experience two of your most amazing days in your life ever in this cliff-edge resort with fantastic luxurious spa hotels. You can afford them even for a weekend. You are able to see everything interesting in the city during this time. Do not forget to visit the nearby Capri Island. You will love its natural and romantic look.

  1. Utrecht in Netherlands

Spending a weekend in Amsterdam can be a tough challenge to later go back – sober – in the office. If you need something really relaxing, Utrecht has definitely the environment to offer to you. With its 2000-year history, it has one of the sweetest historical and cultural trips to present you on a small area, which you can walk by feet.

  1. Dusseldorf, Germany

Don’t underestimate the tranquil German tourism offers such as a weekend in Dusseldorf. Try the local cuisine, visit the local old town and see how locals love spending their free time here – on the longest bar in the world, which is placed right here, in the giant parks or nearby the river.

  1. Nice in France

Paris is not enough for a weekend – even for a week! But Nice is a small, very friendly and romantic French region, where you can take the best of your two days-off. Meet the locals on the everyday market rush hours and spend some gorgeous time in a local chateau.

  1. Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish capital is neither stressful, nor too big. It provides you the challenge to combine the cultural sightseeing tour with a nice shopping tour in the local fashion boutiques.

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

The abundance here is too much, so sometimes a little bit luxury is better than a long-lasting vacation spent with eating and sunbathing only! But Istanbul is a town everyone gets lost, so be sure not to spend your whole weekend in searching for your hotel.

  1. Budapest, Hungary

Architecture to fall in love with, amazing amusement park and cute pastry shops – these are only few of the charming benefits that the Hungarian capital offers to its visitors round the whole year, including in July!

Pack your bags and head to one of those weekend getaway destinations for a perfect July vacation! Follow Hello my Holiday on Facebook for more travel stories and inspiration too!