Vacation is all about traveling – as far as you can, in order to see as many things as you can. And traveling is all about experiences. The memories you bring are the truly significant souvenirs you carry back home. Feelings you have gone through are the best gifts you can have!

Experiences – these are the things that are supposed to make a vacation more entertaining and more remarkable. What we are talking about are real, truly amazing and different activities. See what we are talking about by checking out our list of the best 6 unique travel experiences to have in a lifetime:

Go on a safari

In past, it was a very rare activity, because it was hard to access and afford. Today, however, safari options are more and they have become quite popular. One of the most preferred places to go on a safari is Tanzania and we cannot deny that indeed, this wild region is full of surprises to offer you!


Get drunk… on October fest!

Just because everyone is going to drink and getting drunk is not an attraction to make to impress others, participating on the October fest in Munich is, indeed, a big challenge to accept. Consider it on mandatory, because it can be quite refreshing during the after-summer autumn depression, when the sense of holidays seems to be gone, but not for Germany!

Tomato war in Spain

It`s not a real war, but it`s a real experience to remember till the end of your life! On the opposite of the previous suggestion of ours, this one takes part in summer. La Tomatina fest is scheduled for August every year and it is a traditional outdoor battle with tomatoes. Try to imagine it, although it`s harsh – a giant crowd of a blood bath scene, but with tomatoes in hands!


Cook in a French restaurant

Ok, let`s chill for a while and step aside from these hot emotions. Let`s do something more romantic and aristocratic. How about becoming a part of the chief`s team in a renewable French restaurant. Cooking in a French amenity, of course, is not the cheapest entertainment in the world, but you need to have it at least once in a lifetime!

Travel with real mush and huskies

You can do it in the cold but gold Sweden. It`s going to be costly and chilly, but it is definitely worth it. You`ll feel like real king of the snow desert in this refined country!


See a real dragon!

Actually it`s possible and it can be experienced in Indonesia. This is the only country, where Komodo dragons are still preserved and alive!

So are you ready for new once in a lifetime adventure? Whatever you choose we are sure you are going to have a great time.

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