When it comes to a holiday, contemporary tourists really prefer to visit a place they have never seen. When the boarders are open, it is more exciting to skip the old place you are used to relax at, but to go to a country or city you have never been before.

Indeed, this experience is quite enriching and amazing, but it can be quite dangerous for you. What we are talking about are all these 6 really annoying scams to avoid during your holiday. Take a look at them now and make your next holiday safer:

1. Take my bracelet and become my friend

Very popular in many exotic destinations, as well as in some European countries, this “ritual” made by pickpocket masters is very naive but it always works with people who have no idea what it is. The mechanism is easy. They just approach you with nice words and a bracelet they want to put on your wrist showing you how “welcoming” the country you are a tourist in is. Later, they will either want you money for the bracelet or they are just trying to distract your attention to rob you…

2. The found treasure

Some women simply throw rings in front of you and when you take it to turn them back the whole scam begins. The woman says it`s not hers but the ring seems quite gold. Guess what? You will be offered to buy the ring for a really “nice” price. There’s nothing gold in this chance to be robbed, guys!

3. The street game…

Where`s the ball, the coin or whatever those scammers “hide” under some of the three cups turned upside down and replaced quite fast. Do not go for this game and if you are a gambler, better wait for your wife to fall asleep and then visit the hotel casino. It`s much safer!


4. Oops! I did it again..

Yes, they do it all the times – spills on other people`s clothes to approach you, start apologizing and even worse – to start removing the stain, while they are making their pickpocket fast move. If someone spill something on you, better get over it. Say that it`s fine and use the chance to visit the local stores to get yourself a new jacket and a memory from this tourist destination.

5. When they drop your change

Many people will do it – from ordinary taxi drivers, when they will hear your accent to the cute waitresses you will meet in the restaurant. Of course, when you leave, they will collect everything you have come to their country with. Even with your change!

6. Fake institutions

So beware! You will meet a fake policeman and many times a fake charity worker from the local foundations for better children education. Always ask yourself – do these people really work with and for the tourists or they are on their freelance street practice now?

Now you know some of the most popular and annoying scams to avoid on your next holiday, especially if you plan to travel during Christmas or New Year. Just beware and enjoy the new destination!

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