Close your eyes and imagine the sea as a giant pool – how blue and transparent it is and think about the way you’re drinking your frappe and watching this amazing view! Now open them and come with me in the widest and deepest waters of the island of Zakynthos!

 Once you catch a glimpse of its turquoise waters, you will fall in love with it and keep on coming back again and again. Now I’m going to tell you about the coolest and craziest adventure we’ve been through!


  Beauty, beauty and again beauty. Every beach is so different, so wild, and the water is so BLUE. Before we went to Zakynthos we were quite skeptically tuned. We read all sorts of awful articles, blogs and comments about it. We read that the island of Zakynthos is an exceptional tourist attraction – wherever you look there are number of people in the island. Thus, the local tourist agencies are racing among each other to raise the better offer for the various places around the island. So much noise for nothing, hardly. Well… I disagree.


The ferry travels from Kefalonia to Zakynthos. The voyage starts as the ferry leaves from Pessada and reaches Agios Nikolaos on the island of Zakynthos. Also you can see the popular Blue Caves on the road. Usually the local tourist agencies combine this with free tour of the most famous beach of the island – Shipwreck Beach.


We booked a hotel in the city Alikanas which is located on 18 Km from Agios Nikolaos. We had to send a bank transfer which included only a deposit and cost 200 euros for four people. When we arrived at the hotel, the owner didn’t know any English language, but he was nice and cheerful man with a big smile on his face. Don’t worry about it, you don’t need to know English be seen through the wooden blinds. So sweet and romantic! You will definitely want to come back again.



  1. To visit the secret beaches

Not only the commercial beaches, but also the secret heady beaches. Would you like me to give you a hint of how to find them? If you open GOOGLE maps on your phone and look for a blue spots which are  the places you looking for. You will be surprised how beautiful is everything. Another thing that I would suggest is that you make a list of the places you want to visit. Search for information on the Internet, ask your friends who went there which places are best to visit. If you do not do all these things, you will be disappointed!


  1. Dine in the Tavern Lemons tree

There are all kinds of delicacies in this tavern. If you are fond of sea food – this is your place. Delicious food – I’m sure you haven’t tasted at such good prices. And the portions are huge. I can give you an example: if you order an octopus – you will get a calf with at least three, four tentacles. The atmosphere is very sweet and the service staff is very polite. At the end of the meal, you will receive a compliment from the take-away dessert.


  1. Rent an ATV

If you do not rent an ATV you will not see any of these secret beaches that I am talking about. This is because the road to them is rocky and there is no way to get to the car unless you are climbers with experience. But walking is super exhausting because it is so far away and you can’t take everything you want to bring to the beach. ATV can be rented at the price of 30 euros for 24 hours.


  1. Dive-Snorkeling

Bring your snorkels and flippers. The water around the island is rich of all kinds of beautiful vegetation, as well as sea stars. Around every beach the water is so different, it’s worth watching everywhere! And how will you see the turtles up close if  you are not snorkeling?! I can tell you a little secret about them. They are located on the left side of the Bridge of Laganas Beach. Dive in and you’ll see them, don’t give extra money for a cruise! And be careful because turtles are quite large and can be a little agressive.


  1. HAVE FUN!

And last but not least explore the picturesque town that the island offers called Laganas. If you visit it at night you will be fascinated by its nightlife. You can go there by ATV and have fun all night. It’s full of young people and discos. If you do not like the night life there you can look for many other towns where you can take a walk, eat at beautiful restaurants, drink frappe or buy souvenirs!


  If you do these 5 things – you will never want to leave and you will definitely come back again! The island will conquer you and you will fall in love with it. There’s so much diversity in one place that I’m sure you haven’t seen before. Each beach is different (with sands, with stones, and how different types of blue color is surrounding you, all of this is what will make your head dizzy)! I’m stunned, and so will you! What are you waiting for?