5 sunny and hot places to spend this winter

Winters at some places on earth can be harsh, restricting family activities to be undertaken within the premises of the house. Hence, it can be just the perfect time to begin planning to have a wonderful sunny getaway.

But this escape should not be limited to any theme park or familiar resort. The next sunny places are an ideal choice for the summer lovers who want to escape the cold winter months.

1. Hawaii Island

This undoubtedly occupies the top slot when it comes to vacationing at a sunny place. Visitors to the island can have a view of the lava flowing right into the ocean. Also, hiking at the Volcanoes National Park via Thurston Lava Tube is a favorite for many. Moreover, kids who are fascinated with Indiana Jones may find it an incredible place. As for the beaches, Kohala coast is simply unbeatable.

2. Palm Springs, California

This desert getaway is known to appeal people of all ages. There is golf, spas, restaurants and shopping complexes for adults. Children are sure to love the Discovery Desert Museum and Aerial Tramway at Palm Springs or hike with the family to nearby Joshua-Tree National Park.

3. Caicos and Turks

The white powder sand of these tropical islands is sure to keep the sun lovers excited and happy. Besides this, you can also involve in variety of other activities, which includes humpback whale watching and a conch farm that was previously a cotton plantation. However, it is the laid back pace of the place that is said to attract visitors here.


4. Puerto Rico

It is another wonderful Caribbean sunny retreat where visitors are offered an exotic getaway, be it in family groups, singles or couples. There are plenty of activities to get indulged in like kayaking, jungle hiking in the El-Yunque National Forests or simply to soak in history, moving across Old San Juan’s cobblestone streets. These adventures will surely make you forget that there is a cold, snowy winter somewhere in the world.

5. Tucson

Here at this Arizona laid back city visitors can get that Wild West and Mexico feeling. One should begin the visit with Old Tucson Studios that tends to celebrates movies which were filmed there, helping the visitors to have a glimpse of stunt shows, cowboy gunfights and the sets. The Sonora-Arizona Desert Museum can be visited, which is a combination of a natural historical museum, botanical garden and a zoo. All of this while enjoying the sun.

Planning your winter escape can be hard but there are some places in the world where you can forget the cold and dark weather this winter.

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