The Top 10 Friendliest Cities in the World

Traveling is indeed one of the most meaningful and exciting way to spend your free to time, to spend your savings. But only the real travelers know that there are rules and on the contrary – wrong things we are deluded from before becoming adventurers – about traveling in general. That`s what we are going to talk about today. Check out the top 5 myths about traveling and get it: they are totally wrong!

Myth #1: Traveling requires lots of money!

This is nonsense. Actually, if you regularly visit one of those websites with flight ticket offers, you can visit half of the European capitals for 5 years without even robbing a bank…

Myth 2: It`s dangerous to travel alone as a woman

Ok, if you are in an Arabic country, it might be a little bit confusing for you. However, you are going to visit popular landmarks, where there are too many people and too many security measures against acts of terrorism, robberies and etc. The only problem you might meet is that at some of these places, you are not going to be allowed to enter alone (without a man) some of the religious buildings.

Myth #3: Traveling is impossible once a kid arrives…

Nothing like this. If you want to travel, you will travel – with or without your kid. Besides, don`t forget that your parents really love taking the kid and looking after it! Take benefits of such suggestions.

Myth #4: You need to have a super nice boss to afford to travel often

It`s not true, because today`s newest technologies make it possible for some people to work from anywhere. It takes only one laptop and your brain and you can work even during the travel. Many people do it and they grow in their careers, as well as in their cultural state of mind.

Myth #4: Traveling is always tiring

Flight might be tiring and visiting all the landmarks from a destination for a day might be really exhaustive. However, if you are used to travel often, you will be already aware that one third of your trip should be always for relaxing. Otherwise, you are even risking your good mood for sightseeing. And later, when you come back home, you will be really sorry for not feeling and experiencing the moment, when you could. So, yes, relaxation is always a must!

Try avoiding all the excuses you may have and pack your suitcase to travel to your dream destinations now!

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