Halloween in Europe 2015

Halloween is a highly active festivity that brings haunted cities alive. Thrill seekers visit these cities to explore the supernatural abilities of the towns. The following 5 Halloween destinations in Europe are excellent locations to cause hair raising moments in travellers who want to enjoy the celebration of the scary holiday.

During Halloween season these cities are decorated to reflect the current season. We offer you a list of some of the cities you may consider visiting this Halloween:

1. London, England

When you read about what historic Britain or London was like for that matter you would be thankful that the bloody period of time which dominated the city is over. One would not relate London’s magnificence today with the cruel beheadings that were carried out in the city back then. Neither could you also associate it with the spirits that used to haunt the city back then.

During October there are countless Halloween events and parties happening in London. Some of them are kids friendly but many are so scary that you won’t be able to sleep for days. If you want to have fun on Halloween in London you can check out Spookfest, Pick Your Own Pumpkin, Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, etc.

2. Transylvania, Romania

There is no other Halloween destination that raises goose pimples on a hot day like Transylvania, Romania, the birth place of Dracula. The stunning Gothic architecture creates perfect surroundings for the vampiric legend and Halloween festivities.

Visiting the Casa Dracula in Sighisoara which is now a restaurant or the Bran Castle in Brasov are just some of the mystery tours you can take on the holiday.

Transilvania Halloween

3. Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France

The Peres Lachaise Cemetery in Paris is considered to be the largest cemetery in close proximity to city limits. It is also a popular tourist attraction with tourists or Halloween visitors coming to honor deceased celebrities like the legendary Jim Morrison.

The cemetery was opened in 1804 and each year it attracts over a million visitors. The cemetery is considered among the most popular across the world.

4. Dublin, Ireland

A place where you can definitely feel the spooky spirit. During Halloween Dublin becomes one of the hot spots for scary events and festivities. The annual  Samhain Festival is a Halloween Parade on 31 October which is a celеbration of the dеad that signalеd the еnd of the Cеltic summer.

There are also many events happening in Dublin around Halloween such as ghost tours, themed parties or concerts. Also the city is home to the horror novelist Bram Stoker which wrote the famous gothic novel “Dracula”.

Halloween in Europe 2015

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh area hosts a lot of Halloween themed events and festivities all around the city and is one of the best Halloween destinations in Europe. There are countless things to try and do around the haunted holiday starting from the normal apple bobbing contests to themed costume night parties.

Furthermore many restaurants in Edinburgh will add a Halloween flavor to their menus. A traditional place for chills and scare is the Edinburgh Castle. With more than 3,000 years of history the Castle has no shortage of spooky stories and legends.

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