Most of the biggest and the best tourism destinations usually meet people with numerous free attractions and activities to entertain with. There`s no doubt that London is such a destination. Even though comparatively expensive tourist place, London has some budget-friendly alternatives, as well.

The British capital is, as a matter of fact, full of free attractions. You can even find museums among them. And today, we will show you the 5 best free museums in London. Check them out and on mandatory consider visiting them all.

1. British Museum


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British Museum is the oldest English and one of the oldest world museums ever. It incorporates so many remarkable history and cultural monuments that probably you will not be able to see it fully in one day only. On mandatory, consider to check out the local Anglo-Saxons’ iconic Sutton Hoo masked helmet, as well as the Welcome Trust Gallery, the King`s Library, all masterpieces from the Persian Empire and the former Round Reading Room.

2. Museum of London

Museum of London

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After all you are in London and it could be a pity not to meet and get introduced to the history of London. This might happen totally free of charge – at Museum of London, where you will see archaeological digs, monuments and drawn scenes from the city history. 

3. Science Museum

Science museum, London

Education lovers will really enjoy Science Museum, which is divided into seven floors, where numerous exhibits. Here, the top attractions you really should see are the the flight simulator, the full-scale models of the Huygens Titan probe and Beagle 2 Mars Lander. Don`t miss it out – it`s free!

4. Natural History Museum


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Another awesome idea is the big and quite impressive Natural History Museum. If you want to observe over 22 million insect and plant specimens, as well as amazing cross-section through a Giant Sequoia tree and species that are not only rare, but also lost from our planet forever.

5. National Gallery


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This truly wonderful gallery was found back in 1824 and for all of these years it has been free for all visitors. The National Gallery in London shows enormous collections of the best painters ever.

There is a room for British artists only, but once you get oriented in the environment, you will be able to enjoy works made of world best artists like Picasso and Dali. Also, here is the place with the best portraits in Earth ever. You should meet National Gallery, too.

Visit these 5 free British museums in London on mandatory. For many tourists they are even completely enough for their cultural tour around the English capital.

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