If you want to discover France, then go to the small towns of the country. There are hundreds of small towns in France that are not only attractive but also have scenic beauty too. They are too small to be listed in tourist destination guides but their markets, shops and cafes have a lot to offer you once you are there. So if you want to enjoy traditional France, keep these small towns in your list.

  • Ars-en-Ré


A town of bicycles that would make you fall in love with it. It has white washed houses and hollyhocks, and green shutters. The town is centralized around an open central square that has its trademark Church spire.

You may find this beach town sleeping but the beauty of its seaside would not dishearten you. The clock tower is opened during summer and a relaxing view of the town and sea is something you must remember for your lifetime.

  • Bonneval-sur-arc


Bonnevial is a good ski resort during winter that has very little tourist crowds. During summer it is a great place for different outdoor activities and winters would let you enjoy skiing. Although this place is small, the quality of the snow is very good and that makes it a good ski resort. As fewer crowds come here, you can get more space and enjoy skiing with your friends.

  • Brantôme


This small town is built on the island formed on the river Dronne. This island town has narrow streets with lovely restaurants and small shops. You can enjoy the Benedictine abbey here that is located between the cliff at the valley and the river.

  • Murat


If you want to visit some town on the hillside, then Murat can be your destination. It is located on a steep hillside on the roads to Mons du Canal. The houses here are stone roofed and are built with local volcanic rocks. It may be less touristy than nearby places but the calmness of this small town would surely mesmerize you.

  • Vaison la Romaine

Vaison la Romaine

It is said that Humans were there in this town since the pre-historic period. It is located beside the river Ouyeze. There are many Roman remains that include a theatre, a Roman bridge, and even Roman houses.

This small town has two cathedrals among them one has fine Romanesque structure. The Chapel ST. Quinine built during 12th century is also a prime attraction in Vaison la Romaine.

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