It’s not a secret that Europe is home of some of the most picturesque locations in the world. Some of them gained notoriety with time, but there is still plenty of hidden treasures on The Old Continent, waiting for their spotlight on your Instagram account. But before you go and immerse into the deep unknown, let me give you a starting point with some of our favourite places:

  1.  Green mile tunnel or “Tunnel of love” in Klevan, Ukraine
    Hey, lovebirds! This one is for you! These railway tracks, surrounded by trees, look exactly like how we imagined the enchanted forests from the children’s books. Spring and summer, autumn or winter, no matter the season, this tunnel is perfect for capturing your eternal love or just a romantic stroll with your special someone. Legend says that couples who visit the place would be granted a wish! What would you wish for?
  2. Lake Hallstatt, Salzkammergut, Austria
    We all know how beautiful The Alps are, but this hidden gem often stays under the radar for most people. The breathtaking views will sure make your followers green with envy!
  3. The Azores, Portugal
    Unlike Madeira, the Azores islands are rather kept in secret from the tourists. Volcanoes, crater lakes, fishing villages, virgin beaches, green forests and waterfalls, all 9 islands are not only Instagram worthy, but postcard worthy as well!angela-compagnone-422923-unsplash
  4. Saaremaa Island, Estonia
    Ahhh, another island – I just can’t get enough of them! You won’t blame me after seeing this one. Hear me out – beer and windmills! And if that is not enough for you, Saaremaa’s only town features a medieval castle, dating from the 13th century! There are also several meteorites craters from 3, 500 years ago! Keep your camera in hand  so you won’t miss a thing!estonia-3729909_1920
  5. Erma River’s gorge near Tran, Bulgaria
    Attention, nature lovers! No doubt this is one of the most beautiful places in Bulgaria. Impressive rock formations, giant canyons and foamy waterfalls will help you take the dreamiest of pictures while crossing a narrow wooden bridge.Erma+river+canyon-gorge_bdefaa178fd8f47f70bcac9dfade8474
  6. The Karadzhov Boulder, Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria
    Another location in Bulgaria, but frankly, I’m slightly biased (since I was born there). The Karadzhov Boulder will most certainly snatch your attention with its grandeur. This massive rock formation, situated near the village of Mostovo, consists of two giant stone pillars, holding a massive boulder between them. Unleash your wild imagination for some funny and original photo compositions!karadzhov-kamak
  7. Samos – Kokkari, Greece
    Now we’re going South to the Greek island of Samos – Kokkori, home of ancient philosophers, mathematicians and astronomers. This hidden treasure will surely bring some bright colours to your Instagram feed with its virgin landscapes.kokkari-beach-best-beaches-in-europe
  8. Positano, Italy
    Although it’s a well- known tourist location, Positano is a must. With its old – time charm, terraced buildings, many colours and crystal – clear water, this small village will make your heart skip a beat (your followers’ hearts too!)!khachik-simonian-506083-unsplash
  9. Vardzia, Georgia
    “That’s an odd one?!’’, you might think. But guess what? It’s actually not! Georgia is one of the most underestimated countries, in my opinion, but one of the most interesting ones as well and Vardzia proves that. This spectacular cave monastery dates from the 12th century and used to be completely hidden until an earthquake revealed the building. Oh, and it also looks like the set of Lord of the rings!c81a771b-f33b-42f6-8009-0745a5b4fadf-kisa_markiza
  10.  Reykjavik,Iceland
    The Icelandic capital never disappoints when it comes to splendorous wild landscapes and beautiful natural wonders like The Golden Circle, The Northern Lights and the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa. Plus, the architecture itself makes Reykjavik look really cozy!evelyn-paris-100375-unsplash
  11. Helsinki, Finland
    Yet another northern capital. But the raw beauty of the North never cease to amaze me. The locals embrace the rural life wholeheartedly, but still manage to implement a dash of modernity in their everyday routine. So all in all, it’s a place where wilderness and contemporary lifestyle intertwine. The charming architecture – a mixture of Classicism, Scandinavian functionality and Art Nouveau results in vibrant colours that would make your Instagram feed to die for.tapio-haaja-1080176-unsplash
  12. Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland
    Though a result of volcanic eruption, there is a legend saying that these peculiar looking rocks were built by a giant (duuh, hence the name). Just imagine them at sunset!northern-ireland-3801174_1280
  13. Mont Saint Michel, France
    A pivotal mention, no doubt. Do I even have to explain why it is on this list? It’s not only super instagramable, but surprisingly there are also lots of things to do and see on the island like the Benedictine Monastery, visited by pilgrims on the day of St. Michel, the Museum of History!okamatsu-fujikawa-53757-unsplash
  14. The Cube Houses in Rotterdam, Netherlands
    If you love crazy architecture, then you’ll love this one. Rotterdam is usually known for its modern architecture, but the Cube Houses are next level. Perfect for adding some shape and symmetry on your feed.nicole-baster-1174152-unsplash
  15. The Museum of Illusions in Barcelona, Spain
    Last but certainly not least (if you thought there was some order before, well, bad news for you) the Museum of Illusions is a great place to fill your account with some oddity and quirkiness like taking a picture of yourself in a giant plate of paella!DSC_0674