facts about germany

Germany has been always a country that arise a significant curiosity mostly in people from Eastern Europe, Latin America and The States since the nearby countries are closer to German culture and traditions. However, we are sure that most people regardless their residence did not know the following 10 weird and fun facts about Germany:

1. Germans are the second largest beer drinkers after Czech Republic. Ireland is the third country that usually competes with them. Though, Irish people usually remain on third place.

2. Even though called October fest, in Munich this magical beer event starts earlier – during the last days in September. Still, the whole October is always reserved for drinking beers by Germans.

3. The world`s narrowest street is actually located in Germany. It is placed in Reutlingen and it is called Spreuehofstrasse. The street is only 31 cm wide.

4. Germany is the country, where ecology as a term, science and cause was established. Ecology was introduced as a word and flow by the German biology expert Ernst Haeckel. This happened in 1866.

5. Germany is also the country with the biggest number of bread types. According to the statistics, Germans can take benefits of more than 300 kinds of a bread.

6. But bread is not the most common food in Germany. Sausages are. And speaking of records from the previous line, there are more than 1000 types of sausages in Germany.

7. Germans are extremely superstitious about their birthdays. They believe that if anyone sends you a gift or make you a birthday wish in advance, before the date of your birthday, you will be reached by bad luck. So, if you have Germans among your friends, never rush to send them birthday presents. Better, be late!

8. Germans are extremely obsessed by their…kitchens! When a family moves out from their current house or apartment, they might leave everything, but they will take all the things from the kitchen – including the sink. In most cases, only the room pipes remain.

9. In Germany, the consumed water for drinking is almost always sparkling. Germans really love their sparkling water springs and if you order a glass of water in a German restaurant, you will have such.

10. Germans always have a cold dinner. This is so, because they love eating raw veggies for garnish to sausages with no term preparation. However, lunches are always hot in Germany.

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