10 tips for your next vacation in Paris

Paris is the dream destination of all times to many. Girls just love imagining how they are sitting right next to the Eiffel Tower drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and eating croissants, while waiting for their boyfriends to come from that store on Champs-Elysee with the earrings they have chosen the previous day.

But as you know quite well, a vacation usually does not go the way we have thought it will. And in most cases, our expectations are not encased due to a lack of plan and preliminary preparation for the trip. So, before packing your things and getting the best flight ticket deal, better see these 10 tips for your next vacation in Paris:

1. Pack your baggage practically, but not romantically

Ok, women among you would like to take their most luxurious and expensive dresses to Paris, and this is quite logical and normal, but here`s the big truth: women in this city actually go in neutral clothing, always have an umbrella and the weather is usually awful – windy and rainy at some points of the day, even during summer.

2. Forget about making savings from your accommodation

If you want to really see all the attractions in Paris and not to get robbed in some of the local ghettos (trust us, they are not nice at all), better spend few hundred dollars more and have an accommodation somewhere around the downtown.

3. Have a plan for sightseeing and prepare to make compromises

Yes, we all do want to see everything – the Eiffel Tower, the Musee d`Orsay, Monmartre, de Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and Versailles – but know that you need to be at least for a month to be able to see totally everything. Have in mind that only the Louvre “tour” will cost a whole day and the travel to Versailles is also long…

4. Wake up early, go to bed…early!

That`s the most successful tactic for sightseeing in Paris. Public transportation is dangerous at nights and taxis are expensive. Besides, most of the cultural spots close quite early.

10 tips for your next vacation in Paris

5. If you don`t have time to see everything, take a boat tour on Seine

First of all, this is a wonderful idea to get your feet at rest for a while and second of all, most of the landmarks require to be seen from afar, so this is a good chance to save some time for museums.

6. Eat on the go, relax with a drink on a cafe

Sorry to disappoint you, but meals in French restaurants are really expensive! But if you want to feel the atmosphere, sit on those tables of restaurants and cafes, where there are no served utensils for eating.

7. Even if you don`t know French, speak!

French people really love hearing from you “Merci” and “Pardon”. It`s enough for them to feel your respect and nice attitude.

8. If you want to taste something local, croissants are not the only options!

Have some lobster or an onion soup! This is what I call a Paris specialty!

9. Do not even leave your girl from your sight…

Unfortunately, pickpocketers here are quite many and everywhere…Even signs with such warnings are placed on the most popular local sights.

10. Have fun!

Don`t think about stupid things like “OMG! I have broken a nail!” This is your first and probably last time in Paris!

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