Whether your boss is trying to make you to take few days-off or you are feeling like going to visit your parents for a week, there is a reason why people need to get rest. You cannot work all the time. You can’t and you don’t have to. Sometimes, though, it becomes your own big problem to decide if you need a relaxing weekend or you if you are dreaming for at least two weeks away from your job place…

Want to know this for sure? Then, take a look at the following 10 signs you really need a vacation from work. Once you see some or most of them, then you need to speak to your boss and ask for your deserved days-off.

1. The least problem sounds too big and serious

Exaggerating as to all negative consequences after a little incident or issue is the first sign your mind is to stressed and your body just cannot bare more. The lack of logical and reasonable understanding of what is going on speaks that you cannot concentrate and focus on things that are really important.

2 You constantly receive questions whether you are fine or sick

Your pale face, your sore bags under the eyes, the shaking hands – all of these speak of your tiredness. Some of your co-workers even believe there`s something wrong with you…

3. You make mistakes… stupid and by chance!

It`s not about the difficult tasks you usually pay serous attention at and still find issues in the final results. It`s about elementary jobs you do wrongly without even understanding it.


4. You are not as kind as you used to be before…

Meaning: you are cynical, always bored and negative to anything or anyone. Everything sounds too stupid or annoying to you.

5. You don`t care how you look in the office

Sometimes, you even keep coming with the same shirt three days in a row. And you don`t even bother about it. You feel so under the weather that your style is the last thing you think about.

6. Some parts of your body hurt really bad…

Whether it is your neck, your head, or all your leg muscles, the pain comes with no reason and cannot stop till you go back at home. When you are tired, your body weakens. Pain occurs and it`s logical, so don`t worry – no, you aren`t sick.

7. Your stomach went crazy…

Something is going on with your metabolism and you cannot find the reason why. Usually, you have strong stomach and fast metabolism, but now you cannot eat anything and you have gases all the time. This is because stress causes a bacteria inside the stomach, too, and it cannot work properly.


8. You`re always sleepy

No matter how many cups of coffees you drink per day, you always feel as you will get asleep right now. It`s like you cannot remember the last time you had a decent, healthy and normal sleep.

9. The only thing that makes you feel ok at the end of the day is…

The glass of wine! You are not alcoholic, but you only need something to take you in bed as soon as possible.

10. You start hating your job

Even though in general you love it, when you are too tired and need a vacation, your job becomes the worst thing ever.

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