Whether a political conflict, or some social issues, there is always a factor that makes some European countries not as attractive as French cuisine, Italian modern and retro architecture or the stylish English area. These are the 10 of the least popular destinations in Europe, according to Orbitz travel blog, you might underestimate, as well, but you shouldn’t.

1. Belarus

Few people have ever enjoyed this Eastern European country, but you need to consider it for a nice and relaxing vacation next time. And if you prefer to go to Belarus, on mandatory, consider the Mir Castle Complex and nearby Nezvish Castle that will make your experience really fascinating and awesome.

2. Bosnia and Herzegovina

After Republic of Yugoslavia reached a breakdown, the most fantastic little country from it to tourists has become Croatia. Even though Bosnia cannot brag about such popularity, you will see an amazing region to discover and explore. What we recommend you as an attraction here is the seaside town of Neum that will take your breath away at once.

3. Iceland

Only people, who have met the culture and nature of Iceland, may say that they have already experienced the trip of their lifetime. Yes, Iceland is not on the top of the best European destinations ever, but it will make your holiday really exciting with its hot springs, attractive landscapes and even volcanoes to see for the first time in your life.


4. Lichtenstein

This is a country of 61.78 square miles landscape that seduces with you a wonderful chance for hiking and gorgeous moments spent at the Alpine zone. If you come here, check out the small, but really cute villages like Schaan and Vaduz!

5. Luxemburg

This country has rich culture and 3-language society with a very special attitude to fine arts and nature. And these things make Luxemburg an amazing opportunities to see so many wonderful sights in so small area.

6. Macedonia

As a traditional Balkan region, Macedonia is full of impressive historical monuments and mysterious areas, where God and ancient culture meet. Many of the sights here are even added to UNESCIO World heritage – like the Lake Ohrid and village of Galicnik.


7. Moldova

This is another ex country from Mother Russia land, where traditions are alive and where Russia and Romania meet in a beautiful collaboration. The wine industry, the bargain city of Chisinau and the Transnistrian region make it a charming piece of the world that is definitely worth it to be seen.

8. Monaco

Located in the fascinating French Mediterranean and offering the tourist only 499 acres of beautiful lands, Monaco is charming and really luxurious. Yachts and mansions, casinos and splendid views are only few of the benefits you will get in a vacation here.

9. San Marino

This is the fifth smallest country on the planet, but not the worst for vacation by all means. On the contrary – San Marino has plenty to show like the Fortress of Guaita, Mount Titan and Piazza della Liberta.

San Marino castle

10. Serbia

Many people refuse coming here due to political situation in the country, but it is a must for us to tell you that everything dramatic is in past. Actually, today you can have a nice holiday here and if you are up to, please visit the local landmarks like Sava River, Tesla Museum and the modern challenging Room Escape.

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