10 Essential Travel Accessories

Travelling is always a great way to refresh yourself and enjoy a few days or weeks of escaping every obligations you have at home. But in order to truly enjoy your vacation you have to be prepared for every situation. That’s why we are showing you these 10 essential travel accessories you need on every trip which will save you trouble and make your holiday way smoother.

1. Comfortable bag, backpack

No matter where you are going the chances are you are going to do some sightseeing. Be prepared and pack another small comfortable backpack where you can put only the essentials for a long walk.

2. Portable charger/solar power kit

There’s nothing more annoying than the “battery low” routine your smartphone is doing almost every day. Actually, there is – when it does it in the middle of a walk around a new destination. But you can easily prevent the inconvenience with a portable charger or solar power kit and put an end to your dying battery.

3. Headphones

If you are travelling by plane and would love to do some work or watch a movie on your laptop, then you definitely need your headphones. They are also essential when you are waiting on the airport for your flight back home and realize you have one or two hours till the plane goes off. Put your headphones and listen some music even.

4. Camera and memory cards

Today you can’t go somewhere without your camera. Taking pictures and capturing memories is part of every trip. But don’t forget the even more essential thing – the memory cards.


5. Smartphone

This one can be obvious. Nowadays we are living with our smartphones. But smartphones can help with so many things during a trip other than taking pictures – following itineraries, finding a place to eat on the go, read destination guides, etc.

6. Min first aid kit

You always have to be ready for emergency situations. One mini first aid kit will help you feel more secure and can help a lot in unwanted situations. It’s always good to be prepared.

7. Multipurpose tool

A multipurpose tool will help you so much in hotels and on the road. The easy access to screwdrivers, mini scissors, mini knife, etc. can be of use in any problematic situation.

8. Water heater

If you are staying in one star hotels or hostels you will probably need a water heater in order to make a coffee, a cup of tea or to simply use it when the hot water is not running for any reason at the time of your stay.


9. Sunscreen

When you are planning a trip the last thing you think about is getting sunburned. But even if you are not travelling to a tropical island in the middle of the summer you will probably need a sunscreen so you can be prepared for the all day long sightseeing and walking activities.

10. Toiletry kit

Most of the time hotels have their toiletry kits for guests but it’s always good to have an extra pack of soap or tooth paste so you can have it if you need it. The good thing is that those extras are going to be there for your next trip if you don’t use them now.

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